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Stephen Tu on Least Squares Policy Iteration

Wes Chow on Off-the-Record Communication, or, Why Not To Use PGP

September Meetups

We have another great line-up of meet-ups scheduled for September across a number of our chapters:

Chattanooga 9/5: Noel Weichbrodt on A History of Erlang

Seattle 9/7: PWL #35: Orleans

Santa Monica 9/7: Daniel Brice - Infinite sets that admit fast exhaustive search

Columbus 9/13: Papers We Love Book Club: The Dawn of Software Engineering

Zürich 9/14: Natallie Baikevich on Automatic Construction of Inlining Heuristics using ML

Olivette 9/18: Why calculating is better than scheming

Denver 9/20: Harry Brumleve -> A Universal Modular Actor Formalism for AI

Budapest 9/21: Typed Self-Evaluation via Intensional Type Functions, Brown&Palsberg -Érdi Gergő

Columbus 9/27: Papers We Love Book Club: The Dawn of Software Engineering

Arlington 9/27: Bitcoin: A Peer to Peer Cash System

Denver 9/28: TBD, but probably an awesome paper :-)

Papers We Love - QCon NYC Edition w/ John, Matt, Charity, and Gwen

Daniel Doubrovkine on Auctions and bidding: A guide for computer scientists