Hannes Frederic Sowa on BBR: Congestion-Based Congestion Control

New York - January 31st. 2018


TCP congestion control has a large impact on perceived network performance (especially in terms of bandwidth and latency) and thus the Internet. Two major categories of congestion control algorithms had been explored, those using packet loss or packet delay feedback. Due to historic developments (and the development of packet switching hardware), packet-loss congestion control algorithms are commonly used today. We will discuss a congestion control scheme published by Google in 2017.


Hannes Frederic Sowa recently joined http://backtrace.io , and is onsite in New York for a month. Normally he resides in Zurich, Switzerland. Before switching jobs, he worked on the Linux Kernel networking stack focusing on IPv6. Hannes interest in higher level languages has recently been rebooted. During off-time and when not reading, he enjoys spontaneous trips with minimal luggage or crashing flight simulators.



TwoSigma The New York Chapter would like to thank TwoSigma for helping to make this meetup possible.