Suz Hinton on Accessible images (AIMS)

New York - February 15, 2018


In my latest experimentations in 'Guerilla Accessibility,' I stumbled upon this paper a mere two weeks after publication and was excited about the explorations in it. The ideas built upon an unlikely hero of the anti-surveillance field delighted me. There are wide implementation gaps that remain unaddressed in this paper, and I took liberty on these when implementing the algorithms. I'll be sharing both the triumphs and pitfalls of this proposed technique of improving the accessibility of online web content.


Suz Hinton ( (@noopkat ( works in developer relations at Microsoft. Prior to her current role, Suz was a senior front-end developer at companies such as Kickstarter and Zappos. She’s an avid open source contributor, working in robotics, accessibility, and creative coding. She enjoys implementing hardware drivers in high level languages just because she can.



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