February Meetups

We have another great line-up of meet-ups scheduled for February across a number of our chapters:

Chattanooga 2/5: 2019 Kickoff and Papers I Have Loved

London 2/7: Derek Jones presents "The analysis of the SiP effort dataset"

Seattle 2/7: PWL #52: The Ultimate Display

Vienna 2/12: February: Software Aging

Columbus 2/14: Accelerate: The Science of Lean Software and DevOps

Mumbai 2/16: Nikhil More presents "What is Knowledge Representation ?"

Saint Louis 2/18: Three Worlds

New York 2/19: Sarah Groff Palermo on Exception Handling: Issues and a Proposed Notation

Gangnam-gu 2/27: Escape Fallout - Breath Clean w/ Tech

Porto 2/27: PWL #09 :: Deep Residual Learning for Image Recognition

Fairfax 2/27: Deep learning for universal linear embeddings of nonlinear dynamics

Columbus 2/28: Accelerate: The Science of Lean Software and DevOps

London 2/28: Justin Cormack presents "ACLs don’t"

The New York Chapter would like to give special thanks to our Platinum sponsor TwoSigma. Join us in St. Louis for PWLConf 2017!