John Feminella on Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System

New York - July 10th, 2018


The original Bitcoin paper was published by a pseudonymous individual named Satoshi Nakamoto on Halloween 2008, in the quiet recesses of a small cryptography mailing list, where it was mostly ignored. A couple of months afterwards, Satoshi published the original Bitcoin client software that implemented the ideas in the paper.

Ten years later, a lot has happened both about cryptocurrency, and a lot of money has changed hands. In this talk, we explore the core ideas laid out in the paper, the historical background around digital currencies, and how these ideas and history were implemented in the original Bitcoin client.


John Feminella ( (@jxxf) is an avid technologist, occasional public speaker, and curiosity advocate. He serves as an advisor to Pivotal (, where he works on helping enterprises transform the way they write, operate, and deploy software. He's also the cofounder of a tiny analytics monitoring startup named UpHex (

John lives in Charlottesville, VA and likes meta-jokes, milkshakes, and referring to himself in the third person in speaker bios.


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