Ben Linsay on HyperLogLog

New York - May 14th, 2018


This extended abstract describes and analyses a near-optimal probabilistic algorithm, HyperLogLog, dedicated to estimating the number of distinct elements (the cardinality) of very large data ensembles. Using an auxiliary memory of m units (typically, "short bytes"), HyperLogLog performs a single pass over the data and produces an estimate of the cardinality such that the relative accuracy (the standard error) is typically about 1.04/√m. This improves on the best previously known cardinality estimator, LogLog, whose accuracy can be matched by consuming only 64% of the original memory. For instance, the new algorithm makes it possible to estimate cardinalities well beyond 10^9 with a typical accuracy of 2% while using a memory of only 1.5 kilobytes. The algorithm parallelizes optimally and adapts to the sliding window model.


Ben Linsay ( (@blinsay ( is somehow still a software engineer. He's worked on distributed data processing pipelines in adtech, built and maintained APIs for small startups, and has accidentally been a DBA twice. Ben has written a couple HyperLogLog implementations in his spare time and doesn't really want to show them to anyone.



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