October Meetups

We have another great line-up of meet-ups scheduled for October across a number of our chapters:

Chattanooga 10/2: Jacob Kobernik on Ouroboros: A Provably Secure Proof-of-Stake Blockchain Proto..

Seattle 10/4: PWL #48: One VM to Rule Them All

San Diego 10/4: Differential Privacy

Berlin 10/9: Operationalizing Conflict & Cooperation between Automated Software Agents […]

Columbus 10/11: API Designers in the Field: Design Practices and Challenges

Brasilia 10/11: A Few Useful Things to Know about Machine Learning

New York 10/15: John Allspaw on Problem Detection

Nea Ionia 10/25: Pantelis P. Analytis on Social Learning Strategies for Matters of Taste

London 10/25: Dimos Raptis on "Dynamo: Amazon’s Highly Available Key-value Store"

Denver 10/25: TBD, but probably an awesome paper :-)

San Francisco 10/25: Zach Tellman on Shape Decomposition for Multi-channel Distance Fields

Saint Louis 10/29: The Simple Economics of Open Source

Porto 10/30: PWL #07 :: Harvest, Yield, and Scalable Tolerant Systems

The New York Chapter would like to give special thanks to our Platinum sponsor TwoSigma. Join us in St. Louis for PWLConf 2017!