Wil Yegelwel on The Rendering Equation

New York - November 29, 2016

Wil Yegelwel on The Rendering Equation


Illumination in computer graphics deals with calculating the color of each pixel on the screen when trying to render a photorealistic scene. The problem is that generating increasingly realistic renderings requires a lot of processing and so a tradeoff must be made between compute time and image quality. We will first look at two foundational papers from the 70s that built “good enough” models that were fast to render. Finally, we look at The Rendering Equation that provides a single model to encompass many effects of lighting assuming you are willing to pay the processing cost.


Wil Yegelwel (@WYegelwel) is an engineer at Two Sigma working on the Compute team. At work he engineers Cook, a fair share scheduler, which tries to ensure that users all get fair access to compute resources. He recently got a kitten and would be thrilled if more people wanted to discuss adorable cats. During college he fell in love with computer graphics but more so the necessity to learn broadly to do computer graphics (and life?) well.



TwoSigma The New York Chapter would like to thank TwoSigma for helping to make this meetup possible.