Daniel Doubrovkine on Auctions and bidding: A guide for computer scientists

New York - May 24, 2017


There is a veritable menagerie of auctions — single dimensional, multi-dimensional, single sided, double sided, first price, second price, English, Dutch, Japanese, sealed bid — and these have been extensively discussed and analyzed in the economics literature. We will survey this literature from a computer science perspective, primarily from the viewpoint of computer scientists who are interested in learning about auction theory, and to provide pointers into the economics literature for those who want a deeper technical understanding. We'll also take a peek into how the paper was used to build a new online auction platform Artsy.


Daniel Doubrovkine (aka dB., @dblockdotorg) is a seasoned entrepreneur and technologist, CTO at Artsy.net in New York, working on bringing the art world online. He is a maintainer of multiple popular open-source projects, including Java Native Access, Ruby Grape, Hashie and the popular Slack Ruby client, bot and server libraries. Daniel graduated from University of Geneva in late 90s and founded and sold Vestris Inc., an early stage technology start-up right after college. He joined Microsoft as Development Lead, was Director at Visible Path, then Architect and Development Manager at Application Security.



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