May Meetups

We have another great line-up of meet-ups scheduled for May across a number of our chapters:

Chattanooga 5/3: Inaugural !

Toronto 5/4: Donny Nadolny on Rowhammer.js

Hyderabad 5/8: Object Space Visibility: Its applications to Games and Smart City(IoT)

Madrid 5/11: HyParView: a membership protocol for reliable gossipbased broadcast

Seattle 5/12: : CFA: A Practical Prediction System for Video QoE Optimization

Vienna 5/17: Elm (part of )

London 5/17: tef on "Endto-End Arguments In System Design" by Saltzer, Reed, and Clark

Montréal 5/18: The medcouple — a robust measure of skewness

San Francisco 5/19: Gilbert Bernstein on Spacetime Constraints

Amsterdam 5/25: NonBlocking and Blocking Concurrent Queue Algorithms

London 5/25: Gareth Morgan on "The Rendering Equation" by James Kajiya

New York 5/25: John Allspaw on Common Ground and Coordination in Joint Activity

Winnipeg 5/25: On Computable Numbers

Los Angeles 5/25: Dr Ray Toal on Communicating Sequential Processes

Boston 5/26: Douglas Creager on The Early History Of Smalltalk by Alan C. Kay

Bucharest 5/27: May Meetup

The New York Chapter would like to give special thanks to our Platinum sponsor TwoSigma. We would like to give additional thanks to The Ladders and Tumblr and for providing food/refreshments and facilities for the May meetup.