John Myles White on Fundamental Concepts in Programming Languages

New York - March 16, 2015

The New York Chapter was excited to have John Myles White come by and speak on Fundamental Concepts in Programming Languages by Christopher Strachey.

Strachey's lectures on Fundamental Concepts in Programming Languages provided an extremely broad survey of core issues in programming language design that provided much of the terminology we use today, including definitions of the kinds of polymorphism and the kinds of expressions we see in programming languages. Published as a paper many years later, Strachey's lectures provide an especially readable overview of programming languages concepts.



John Myles White (@johnmyleswhite) is a Julia hacker who loves thinking about the ways in which the design of technical programming languages influences the way in which we think about statistics and machine learning. He's written two books about machine learning for O'Reilly and works at Facebook.

TwoSigma The New York Chapter would like to thank our platinum sponsor TwoSigma for helping to make this meetup possible.