Devon O'Dell on Nonblocking Algorithms & Scalable Multicore Programming

San Francisco - May 21, 2015

Devon O'Dell on Nonblocking Algorithms & Scalable Multicore Programming


Devon O'Dell on Nonblocking Algorithms and Scalable Multicore Programming, Exploring some alternatives to lock-based synchronization by Samy al Bahra

Devon tells us: "Apart from being a fantastic primer on designing portable concurrent data structures, this well-sourced paper provides a number of captivating ideas on thinking about, modeling, and solving concurrency and contention problems."


Devon H. O'Dell is a recovering competitive Guitar Hero and Rock Band addict, but still occasionally enjoys rhythm games and jamming on his ESP Ltd H7-2015. Today, he is a software engineer at Fastly, where he contributes primarily to the performance and debugging of low-level systems. Prior to Fastly, Devon was Lead Software Architect at Message Systems, and contributed heavily to the Momentum high-performance messaging platform. His experience over the last 15 years ranges from web applications to embedded systems firmware (and most areas in-between). His primary technical interests are developing and debugging high-performance, concurrent network systems software and related tools.

Mini Talk

Clark Breyman on The Magical Number Seven, Plus or Minus Two: Some Limits on Our Capacity for Processing Information

From Clark: "Through a CS practitioner's lens. It's pretty simple and powerful - I've used it repeatedly as a guiding principle when doing anything from UI to systems design. "

Clark Breyman is an principal engineer with Yammer's infrastructure team where he applies a combination of code, OCD, and war stories to make life easier for our product engineers. When not fighting entropy, he enjoys San Francisco, Lindy Hop, yoga and natural language processing.

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