Bill Berry on Hints for Computer System Design

Los Angeles - August 19, 2015

Bill Berry on Hints for Computer System Design


While technologies, methodologies and abstractions have waxed and waned over the years, Butler Lampson's 'Hints for Computer Systems Design' remains relevant to the current challenges faced in software and hardware systems engineering. Drawing against the backdrop of current development practices, we will discuss how Lampson's hints can still be used, some thirty years later, to implement functionally accurate, high-performing fault-tolerant software systems.


In a previous life Bill (@williamberryiii) crafted scenery for Broadway, a la Pirates of Penzance, but now crafts software for the enterprise, a la Pirates of Silicon Valley. In his roles as Technical Lead and Application Architect for The Retail Equation, Bill has lead service integrations with Fortune 500 retailers, curated DevOps initiatives and always enjoys building high performance, multi-tenant distributed data APIs. As a deeply curious engineer, he enjoys pairing complex problems with simple and elegant solutions. Striving for meaningful change, Bill believes that cultural and technical progress is best made through evolution and not revolution.

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