Andrew Turley on the Train Algorithm - New York City 2/23

Andrew Turley presented Incremental Mature Garbage Collection Using the Train Algorithm by Jacob Seligmann & Steffen Grarup at the February 23, 2015 Papers We Love Meetup held at the Tumblr offices.

The Train Algorithm is an incremental generational garbage collector that was designed to deal with the long and unpredictable pause times caused by other algorithms. It does this by grouping objects together on "cars" in "trains". The algorithm provides a strategy for moving objects from the younger generation into different cars, moving objects from one car to another, and collecting cars and trains. It was first described by Hudson and Moss in the paper "Incremental Collection of Mature Objects".

Andrew Turley (@casio_juarez) is a lead software engineer on the platform team at TheLadders, where he builds infrastructure by linking Storm topologies together using RabbitMQ. He has also had numerous professional brushes with lower levels of the software stack, including building embedded systems for processing audio at DigiDesign, and helping to improve the performance of iOS at Apple.

TwoSigma The New York Chapter would like to thank our platinum sponsor TwoSigma for helping to make this meetup possible.

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