July Meetups

We have another great line-up of meet-ups scheduled for July across a number of our chapters:

London 7/8: Martin Kleppmann on “Sequential Consistency versus Linearizability”

Toronto 7/8: Julie Haché on ZeroOverhead Metaprogramming

Addison 7/8: RSA Is Broken! (Not Really)

Seattle 7/9: : Dedalus: Datalog in Time and Space

Saint Louis 7/20: Wavelets for Computer Graphics

Chicago 7/22: SWIM: Scalable Group Membership Protocol

Montreal 7/22: Efficient and General OnStack Replacement for Aggressive Program Specialization

San Francisco 7/23: Ben Sigelman on Spanner: Google’s GloballyDistributed Database

Santa Monica 7/29: Bill Berry on Hints for Computer System Design

The New York Chapter would like to give special thanks to our Platinum sponsor TwoSigma. We would like to give additional thanks to The Ladders and Tumblr and for providing food/refreshments and facilities for the July meetup.