August Meetups

We have another great line-up of meet-ups scheduled for August across a number of our chapters:

Toronto 8/5: Ben Darwin on Programming with Algebraic Effects and Handlers

Amsterdam 8/13: Resilient Distributed Datasets

Seattle 8/13: Mesos A Platform for Fine-Grained Resource Sharing in the Data Center

Bangalore 8/15: Wait Free Synchronization Maurice Herlihy

New York 8/17: Michael Bernstein on Propositions as Types

Saint Louis 8/17: Continuum Robot Arms Inspired by Cephalopods (Walker, et al)

San Francisco 8/20: Bob Poekert on COOLCAT

Montreal 8/26: Towards Robot Scientists for autonomous scientific discovery

Marina del Rey 8/26: Eric Scrivner on Bitcoin: A Peerto-Peer Electronic Cash System

The New York Chapter would like to give special thanks to our Platinum sponsor TwoSigma. We would like to give additional thanks to The Ladders and Tumblr and for providing food/refreshments and facilities for the August meetup.