December Meetups

We have another great line-up of meet-ups scheduled for December across a number of our chapters:

Dallas 12/1: Time, Clocks, and the Ordering of Events in a Distributed System

Toronto 12/3: James MacAulay on Elm: Concurrent FRP for Functional GUIs

Bangalore 12/6: Vaidhy/Anita on Paxos Made Simple

Berlin 12/9: Erik Michaels-Ober on Soft Typing

Singapore 12/9: Papers We Love SG #005

Vienna 12/10: First (Paper) Love

Bangalore 12/13: Functional Geometry

New York 12/16: Jeff Larson - On the resemblance and containment of documents

San Francisco 12/17: Peter Bailis on Managing Update Conflicts in Bayou

KISSPatent TheLaddersDev The New York chapter would like to give special thanks to KISSPatent and The Ladders Engineering Team for sponsoring the food and refreshments for the December meetup.

GitHub: TheLadders / Twitter: @KISSPatent, @TheLaddersDev